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Longview Wealth Management, LLC
Longview Wealth Management, LLC is an independent (no bias towards parent company products), fee-based (no commissions or conflicts of interest on investment products), registered investment advisory firm (fiduciary duty to always act in the client's best interest).  Keith Tufte has been selected as a "5-Star Wealth Manager" by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business Magazine for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

Mission Statement
We provide unique wealth management services to help our clients
their financial lives and give them financial security and peace of mind.  My mission is to save people from the financial services industry, and from themselves, one family at a time.
We know how to help you:
1.  Successfully reach your retirement dreams.
2.  Simplify your financial life.
3.  Get financial security.
4.  Get peace of mind and confidence in your future.
5.  Enjoy your life more fully.
 "We provide independent, objective, experienced advice" -  Keith Tufte
Our experience and expertise, investment products, fee-based business structure, investment strategies, and service are different and we think better than what other advisors provide.  Learn more about how these differences benefit our clients on the "Newsletters" page of this website.
Most investors today are only getting a fraction of the returns that are possible in the markets (many are getting only half the market returns or worse). These poor returns are often the result of poor advice or conflicted advice or no advice on investment strategy, risk, products, and costs.
To learn more about our Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS) and/or to see our Investment Strategy Summary please click on the links at the bottom of this page.

Many people do not have the time, interest, discipline, or expertise to be successful investors on their own. We can help. Our target client is a professional, executive, business owner, charity/foundation or retiree with $1 million to $25+ million in investable assets.  We also help business owners improve and manage their 401(k) retirement plans.

Call Keith today at 952-465-1785  or e-mail keith@longviewwealth.com to discuss your situation over the phone, to meet for lunch, to schedule a complimentary initial consultation, to get a Free 2nd Opinion Portfolio Review or to receive our free monthly e-newsletter Longview Insights on investing and wealth management.

Keith Tufte is also affiliated with Cherry Tree Wealth Management, LLC.  See www.cherrytreewealth.com.  

Longview Wealth Management, LLC is a registered investment adviser.  The advisor may not transact business in states where it is not appropriately registered, excluded, or exempted from registration.  Individualized responses to persons that involve either the effecting of transactions in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made without registration or exemption.

Minimum Investment:  $1 million.


SEC Form CRS 2023

Investment Strategy Summary